Image Resizer

Spark Innovatives is introducing Online Image Resizer to resize your images online, on the fly. You can upload 10 images at a time and resize them. Here we are offering two kinds of resizing features. You can resize all the images to a specific resolution or you can resize all the images to some percent of their resolution as you need with the percentage (%) selector. If you have selected more than a file, we are giving a ZIP archive which is more reduced in size than downloading the resized images directly.

Currently, we are supporting JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF image formats. We will be working on more formats like BMP, TIF, TIFF, and so on, and release soon. Please stay tuned.

**Privacy : Please note that we are not keeping any of the uploaded or compressed files on any of our servers. All the files will be removed permanently from the server once you download the compressed file. If there is any connection issue and you are not able to download the compressed file, all your uploads will be cleared automatically after 5 minutes.

(You can upload maximum of 10 images at a time. If multiple images uploaded, compressed images can be downloaded as a ZIP file)

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